Do not have cerebra of there’s still time to run reaction having what, with respect to the falls into a man bosom of arise suddenly, not, say well and truly, precious woman is becoming aware him at the moment, be was carried to be on the shoulder by a male, the feeling that gallop and goes.
Wait for her reaction to come over, when wanting to call a person, I lean, where is that small trainee that leads her to come out?
How to see he turns a body ah, seem can look is worn he goes in quietly the back in house.
“Hello, eldest brother, do you embrace wrong person? We two seem to be not known coming — “
Two all one’s life add up, precious woman also had not experienced this archives child thing, can foolish be stupefied be stupefied opened buccal way.
Those wh.

o get is unmanned however immediately, the breathing reputation that has thick asthma of that fellow thick asthma only.
Xia Ting firm carrying a little girl gramophone record all the way, also do not have time to respond her character speech sound, the way that approaching market directly went.
Went to this to nod, the person on market, apparent already full rise, full one grows long road, both sides is filled up with stall, 10 lis of 8 countryside swarmed among come over to ramble the crowd of large part.
Xia Ting firm direct look is being searched, the crowd emerges move a the most lively that.
A thick Jiao Tian odour that boils candy, the vendor’s stand that sells malt sugar leans on the edge of the booth that then the cand.

y that make draws, attracted into piece child child, surround in all round, suck is worn a finger looking.
Xia Ting firm look turns, the little girl that is carried on him shoulder, hold in the arms was in on the hand, fast two pace, before also stand to that candy to draw booth.
“Girl, want the candy picture of what appearance, tell dad. Dad buys to you! Dad buys to you!!
The expression that a pair of thunder broke off precious woman. . . . . . Watt? Dad?
The glare that she exerts all her strength became round a pair of bulging eyes, see this ‘ dad ‘ , height and stand, build is quite big, but. . . . . . On the cheek of the naked of a piece of wheaten color, search not to wear to need.
At most also the appearance with respect to 20 years old, grow so that have edge however angular, facial features is trenchant, this can light close lightly is worn lip, in the pupil of black of a pair of lacquer, always send out give a with nothing left with sharp path, stare at the face in precious woman to go up.
This is the man with a gas not general and powerful field!
Only flashy, precious woman is affirmatory, oneself this decline is not to touch went up trader in human beings is so simple.
“Eldest brother, did you make a mistake? My dad 30 several, so young without you ah! So young without you ah!!
Precious woman has so when a paragraph small brain lacks a muscle, be stupefied continuously be stupefied look at him, foolish do not pull the sa.

y of a few.
Say, see at the moment that male pupil shrinks closely, originally the lip of light close lightly, at a draught close lightly is gotten deeper, abrupt, press deep throat in, much gave an insecurity.
“The candy picture that girl girl wants that big tiger is. Dad this buys to you. Dad this buys to you..
Xia Ting the intuition of firm acumen, had discovered 29 enemies that track him all the way, this meeting has been mixed in this market crowd.
Wear soon be about search came over.
This helps henchman, also error fast!
Xia Ting firm dark scold, squeeze oneself body look into this candy to draw the foremost range of booth, take the candy picture of appearance of a big tiger, lift shake in the hand, “Like? “Like??
Heat up the environment of clamorous, also here unusual, have precious woman only, hearing the breath with that hurried and unusual fellow, still his band gets him even more emphatic arm, be aware of piece a tiny bit of barpque.
Blink eyeball, precious woman is instinctive, this fellow is absolutely have weird. Best method, still be keep one’s hair on of for the moment, do not offend wool he just is.
The force that is strapped between him waist is tightened more, like precious woman ostrich, the small head that lets oneself is put aside in Xia Ting firm on shoulder, in the crowd of crowded crowded speak in a low voice, it seems that much a few involute and hurried footstep, coming over toward the direction here, speed seems to hold out fast.
In the meantime, precious woman is sensitive also be aware of, she this ‘ dad ‘ , systemic nerve begins insecurity, the muscle that connects shoulder stretchs tight closely stretch tight.
this fellow, be be chased after to kill won’t do?
The thrill through in bag of precious woman cerebella guess boldly, hear this footstep, but more than a two appearance, how does about of the other side also have covey forces.
In case. . . . . . Is that own small order must also follow put an end to won’t do?
Old day, you is this the divine horse that arranges to me strange flower gut ah?
It is without foundation first and fall come ‘ dad ‘ , the key is this dad, also error a bit tenderer, even if be look look the move is quite experienced, but this wool did not grow neat about, want to calculate an age to come really, reckon is worn live age is even some smallier than all one’s life on her.
So naked be occupied a defecate appropriate also stopped. Now, be dry?
Check of final examination of life and death?
“You give me a bit more law-abiding. Did not move in disorder! Did not move in disorder!!
Psychological uneasiness, change into the uneasiness of the body directly. Precious woman ability firm twist two oneself small body, side side transmits this guy grave dark however took admonitory speech tone.
Of Mom, still browbeat actually I. See my person small good bullying is not. Hum!
“Dad, I do not want the candy picture of the tiger. The tiger grows too fearsomely, I should change pig of a piggy! ” one pitch rage ran inside the vital organs of the human body circuit, precious woman or decision for the moment do not follow this fellow lower oneself to the same level as sb.
How a word says to wear, whosoever understands the times is a great man. Precious woman becomes aware him move had be toed become now a person of outstanding talent, especially at the moment, before the candy picture booth of gather closely together of stream of people, had squeezed into two new face again, come in to turn back and forth with respect to eyeball smooth, intuition gets the feeling that danger approachs.
She also did not have time fight to revolt is not.
“Well good! Girl girl says what to want, dad gives what to buy. We this changes pig of a piggy. We this changes pig of a piggy..