It is a day of Tian Qing.
Precious woman is basking in a quilt in the air in the courtyard, the wind of strange flower home of Home Laojiang, a year 365 da.

ys, actually besides year the section cleans air to bask in bedclothes bedcover, by when do not have this project.
“Little younger sister, did you become good do not have? We must set out. ” Jiang Dazhuang has been phonate urges her the 3rd.
“Little younger sister, our or else sets out, be about the period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. . The grouse hare on that hill people had eaten breakfast, do not come out go for a walk searchs fed! Do not come out go for a walk searchs fed!!
“It is Lie! Little sister, you quickly quickly quickly! It is good that this bedclothes has what bask in, bask in again still can bask in give a flower! We goes up quickly hill goes! We goes up quickly hill goes!!
3 husky boys, follow bonze recite scriptures like, of be favored with of be favored with of be favored with, be favored with does not get even the quilt that bask in a bed her quiet.
Some do not have precious woman of language look at these 3 are strong, previously these 3 fellow, be all day long do not wear, good now, from morning till night, communicate feeling round oneself.
” good good, go go. Go go..
She makes one sentence fall, jiang Jia’s this brother t.

hree be acted immediately.
He just did good Zhu Jian since old back, second brandish removes a bolo that chops bavin, old 3 swing remove a big bamboo basket to arrive on the shoulder, want to return conveniently he is ferial in an idiomatic catapult.
“You 3 smelly boy, the do sth over and over again of all day long rises to not was over. Well see Gu Haozhen girl, was not being hurt to her. ” what cattail family name is not at ease is much enjoined two.
“Be at ease, woman. The ear power with little inherent younger sister is striking, of beast of true tiger having what, we am general the person listens to be not worn activity, she can be heard. You still have what what is not at ease! ” small strong first answered the word is answered.
Those who speak is him of old woman write down bus palm to send head melon seed, “The woman says how coming! You this is do not grow memory again how! The thing of be convenient to use of power of ear of your little sister, know to go with respect to our oneself person in house, fasten shout know to others. Fasten shout know to others..
Precious woman look is worn oneself 3 elder brother ate to hit, one face hold back bends in that way, still cannot help avulsion laugh of corners of the mouth.
Deep think, oneself this all one’s life can spread out on cattail family name so thick in the old woman with thin band, also be a good fortune, the key is, this woman returns word of really good it doesn’t matter to say to her.
That silver that gets suddenly is answered on, precious woman also was not unlawfullied posses, gave cattail the family name directly, of course, as to that process, she also was not being hidden the truth from, because also do not have a law to hide the truth from, precious woman stands when crossing prepares to turn back, her woman has been searched all the way go looking for her to collect.
Cattail family name has received silver, what to say at that time, connect pair of Jiang Dazhuang a few stop talking is not carried, later go again on collect, she is to say whats do not agree to take his.
“Girl, these days, you avoid first take shelter from the wind first. I am listening, today capture your that advocate, not be stubble of what be apt to, the mother fears he has turned round to come again kill a witness or accomplice.
Precious woman at that time is some somes of accident, she is old a panicky normal response does not have the woman, still can think so far-reachingly.
Nevertheless, cattail family name is ferial in besides outside careless, besides the appearance that resembles a farmhouse countrywoman, other, seem also not quite picture.
Anyway, to cattail family name, precious woman is ineffable have a kind of credit.
Nevertheless, hit wherefrom to answer after a fleshy steamed stuffed bun ate on collect, precious woman comes back to facing the home again everyday in take branny pharynx course, also be very embarrassed really.
Then, young a polite form of address for a young woman can stare at the look on Jiang Dazhuang’s body only, began her to develop a plan to the hunter of own eldest brother.
These a few days, went up a few times one after another hill, precious woman is depending on him different the ear force at the ordinary person, lying between 100 meters several distance, also can hear the direction with accurate prey and sound, again join forces and 3 elder brothers set cave in trap, prop up waiting for prey in one’s hand.
Still never mention it, everyday results is not little also, when always doing not have available hand, not be hunt is worn a few grouse, catch a hare what namely, sibling also is not gone to a few times a belt, give birth to a fire to pile on hill child the move that .

bake will eat.
Every day eat a meat sufficient, filling dot grease. Jiang Dazhuang those a few savor two benefit, which agree to be let off easily now, also do not go out to scatter mad, of all day long saunter round precious woman.
In front two, brother is a few secretly taking the hill on precious woman, yesterday was reachcaptured by cattail family name however wearing.
Precious woman also did not plan to be being hidden the truth from, the as old as oneself woman of flat in full detail said, at last acts according to those who went up to get ready early again, oily grow grow bakes bunny leg appetizing, “Woman, are not barring, I this is to be in oneself village, not be to be in the city, do not have much important matter. Anyway, tian Li also does not have what to want alive recently busy, seeing a day wait for also is stifle in the home, still be inferior to letting me follow eldest brother they go breathing freely fully. Still be inferior to letting me follow eldest brother they go breathing freely fully..
Ask for a favor of cattail family name wants to object.
“Woman, you work so much everyday, it is too bitter really too tired. Still do not take what profit. Others does not feel distressed, I am looked at feel distressed.
Since, I have this congenital advantage, do what to need not go up. We also does not do that risk, dig a hole namely, bury a trap of what. That is trashy also I start work, it is eldest brother they give 2 elder brother dry.
Woman, you are at ease! Other do not say, every day reachcapture to the woman of a bunny what, coming back to have sth special to eat to you also is good. Coming back to have sth special to eat to you also is good..
Act like a spoiled child of buffoonery, this enrols pair of cattail family names or hold out a canal to use, anyway, final cattail family name compromised, not again block the way.
Actually, in fact cattail family name is look is worn only her girl that height is small, the sad shape of a Huang Mao, the ache slightly in the heart, thinking this girl is the luckily on grain ration really fierce, can scoop up bit of grease to fill everyday fill to also calculate good portion to go up, just nod agree.
Nevertheless, always want pour exhortation into sb’s ear everyday explain.
“Value precious girl, do not let her meeting what risk. Encountering what tiger beast really, writing down block oneself in front, with respect to you 3, of each body Zhuang Runiu, do not be in charge of which enough it maintains. Etc it is satiate, nature also won’t hit you again