“Eldest brother, is there those who harvest game on our town not? ” precious woman asks.
“Do not know. ” Jiang Dazhuang had not asked about this thing, the first reaction is frank answer talk.
The word falls, gaze is worn oneself are small the supercilious look bead of younger sister, “Do I go to otherwise ask? “Do I go to otherwise ask??
“Hum, we oneself also do not have so much game, cannot go the home again inner tube. My reckon is worn of what of general wine shop restaurant, should close. Should close..
Precious woman is overcome really occasionally oneself the dash of these 3 elder brothers, especially eldest brother, very a little contemporary edition is straight male wind model, talking act is the interest that that share goes continuously continuously.
“Eldest brother, you went on the town, fasten busy move to go in wine shop restaurant first. Seek circuit person, ask to ask about prices what. Be not pressed to get errorring firm by person demand a low price! ” want, precious woman still explained two more, “Anyway again how, also cannot sell more cheaply than pork. Also cannot sell more cheaply than pork..
Finally, sibling a few also not barbecue ate, flat let eldest brother 2 elder brother are carrying all game on the back twice to go up toward the town.
Time is still early, precious woman follows her 3 elder brother also are noing hurry to go back, anyway old Jiang Jiaye is used to without what eat lunch, flat sibling two oneself are searched on hill feel search those who feel a dot to eat, fill fill stomach.
of 8 classics witnessed him bout that share taxes interest on body of 3 elder brother, precious woman establishs the old poplar in those a few years of tree age next, looking up at Jiang Xiaozhuang’s classmate to follow monkey like, on leap up of one leap up a few meters tall tree drew out roost on the top.
“Little younger sister, look, today we harvest true good. Today we harvest true good..
One brood child bird egg, 10 come appearance, be rebuked by this the child was rectified completely come down.
Of precious woman from the bottom of one’s heart to oneself this rebukes the child 3 elder brother, had so lose those who lose adore, she also comes to what moment the skill that learns to learn this swarm. Can be in charge of hunger at least not the dead ah!
The hen in the home is daily in also 29 eggs come down, but, precious woman does not have savor however fishy smell of a bit egg.
“We seeks a ground, give birth to a fire to piled to bake these. ” precious woman say.
“Arrive below over there that small slope, there is a small conduit over there, there is a little open ground to coming on the side, you return 3 elder brother can scoop up a fish with going down to scoop up, my look is worn that canal in two big fish are coming, we scoops up the move that bake to eat pretty good also. We scoops up the move that bake to eat pretty good also..
The key is, go up by the side of Na Xiaopo, still she is put in the thing on the heart.
Sibling two come there small slope, precious woman lets 3 elder brother laid igneous lot first, herself runs to the ground with conduit the then toppest upper part, two sesame seed lever of 3 meters of Sunday run were basked in above.
This plays meaning also be before her two days of fortuitous discovery, also do not have at that time too care about, becoming it only is feral sesame seed, the way corp is growing actually also not how, uneven, jiang Xiaozhuang that goods still.

disrelishs it footpath is hinderous, think conveniently unplugged.
“3 elder brother, don’t you know this thing? Don’t you know this thing??
3 elder brother, neat neat answer says not to know, think this plays meaning it is the weed with trashy what is coming.
Precious woman is worn with respect to reckon, this thing still may be done not have by the person here witting, so, unplugged with respect to oneself, booth is basked in over, go up every times hill when, also do not forget to break up.
This comes back to look, the sesame seed section above seems to had had the tendency of pop, come again two big suns, should OK hit, of what of balm of wear sesame seed did not think temporarily, to moment adventitious be to pancake or what do, scatter on a few, affirmation is sweet.
“When sesame seed is hit, to moment I do sweet cake of the sesame seed that bake to eat to you, but sw.

eet! But sweet!!
Precious woman is playing such banner namely, flicker is worn a few elder brothers, of exert to one’s utmost work for her, from unplug lever is basked in to booth, arrive again dozen of bead, sift out. All is 3 strong start work and be.
But, after a certain number of days, true when that shining white sesame seed bead is hit close after finishing, the beanbag that precious woman was grasping that to install sesame seed bead again child did not let go.
Little girl come round, “This plays meaning error little, still did not eat we this year, I am leaving them to do kind, wait for next year a variety of some, received sesame seed to moment, I am done to you again delicious. I am done to you again delicious..
Little to oneself younger sister is unprincipled the break an agreement of type, big strong a few not much also alarming, work to oneself person anyway, it is effort of offer a idea.
What is more,the rather that much not tiredder also, do not seek what get one’s own back originally, have Jiang Xiaozhuang only that goods, still have bit of dot nature, remembering with concern that fragrance that had not tasted.
“Little younger sister, do not take your this form. Tick off person greedy insect came out, finally what was done not have. This is not to make fun of me to play. You divide a little to come inside wherefrom bag, do a what fresh delicious, taste to me also go. ” Jiang Xiaozhuang is pestering him little sister all the way.
“Of that what a sticky candy that says with respect to you, do a few to eat to me. Do a few to eat to me..
Precious woman not release what is held, “Want to take candy, oneself take money to be bought. Oneself take money to be bought..
The game that plays recently, their sibling a few oneself stay eat, already very few, because wear what this sees a day to eat,be, besides bake, also do not have other have a way, a few people have some eat dirt crooked.
2 because,also be, big now strong brother two had found market on the town, so, a few consistent voting raise one’s hand pass sibling, was willing to sell the field that makes change money.
Got money, buy the steamed stuffed bun that no.

d the flesh on the town constantly, sauce flesh piece of what, have sth special to eat.
Of course, took the share of cattail family name and Jiang second every time, jiang second does not agree to carrying two on the back to eat often to be fed alone, want oneself then the portion sends the past, offend so that heart of cattail family name gives birth to internal heat.
Enjoined a few small, do not go the home again inner tube.
The money that leave, sibling deuced a few times, income oneself pocket.
So, not much also the time of time, jiang Dazhuang is a few more in the village walk pranced, the boy of the peasant family, who don’t still have to follow them like, pocket within is rich.
Especially child of Jiang Xiaozhuang that bear, precious woman again and again had explained with him, want low-key and low-key, this