“5 girl, do you do what in this? Do you do what in this??
Precious woman sibling was come up against a few times outside courtyard door small 5 girl, bub is relying on to be above cogongrass buttress, syare blankly foolishly.
“Eldest brother, 2 elder brother, 3 elder brother, precious girl elder sister. You come back! You come back!!
Resemble small 5 girl such small wind child, general of not very bear grudges, though before a few people misunderstand conflict what a bit, still had worked to battle even, but had passed early went.
Precious woman a few more won’t with her dispute, especially look is worn she of that thin bone lonely, do not calculate even bean sprouts dish the body that go up, sibling is hit a few times become aware the move is pitiful in heart.
The girl of the one house of big house, husband and wife of fund family name never is in almost their sister spends what idea on a few bodies, so, jiang Jinfeng a few basic it is to be in what be brought up below the mode that put in a suitable place to breed, especially 3 girl 4 girl 5 girl a few, do not have the least bit position more, eat those who wear, be the remnant that collect.
Plus, end of old itself Home Jiang arrives the living conditions of acme, a few girl bodies some are shown short.
Small 5 girl already were 6 years old of full age, still do not have build of 4 years old however, little face is black thin black thin sallow, take off the typical about of an Africa refugee alive.
“5 girl, come over, give you this. ” precious woman drew out a quail that bake from the small bamboo basket that holds grass, “Just baked afternoon today, lukewarm still move. Lukewarm still move..
“Wow! Really sweet! ” instant of 5 girl small eyes is put bright, “Thank precious girl elder sister. “Thank precious girl elder sister..
“Do not eat in this gate mouth, hide to this grass will eat below buttress. ” precious woman one face laughs, look at 5 girl that deputy greedy appearance.
“Convention, writing down do not speak of with other people. A few sisters must not say even you. You if inadvertently blurt out, can do not have later. Can do not have later..
Big strong a few had gone into the courtyard, precious mother for company is small 5 girl eat in courtyard doorway take food on the sly, also be to give her to be being hit covering.
“Was opposite, your eldest sister 2 elder sister they? Be being waited for in house? Be being waited for in house??
Those who see her eat is so sweet, precious mother has had two originally, but still couldn’t help ticking off greedy bug to come out.
The quail of hand size went wool, be washed clean, precious woman had money in a few their hands now, have early sufficient the condiment of barbecue, today these 10 small quail, it is after taking 45 flavor souse to pass ahead of schedule, ability get angry bakes, of the anxious sweet crisp that each is baked.
Still scattered bead of a few sesame seed, this flavour has uncomely.
A few one person took sibling two, jiang Xiaozhuang still still is disrelished insufficient, two this when remain, or precious woman is hard from him grab below the hand come over, wanting to bring back family name giving cattail is mixed poplar the second tastes gustatory.
Divide evenly gave 5 girl now, also be precious woman look nevertheless she has pity on appearance that pair, sympathized with a heart to run rampant to come up again temporarily.
“Without. There is a guest to come in our house. The woman evicts us a.

few times came. Eldest sister lets us suckle assign, go in the village 2 wool home returns a thing, 2 sister say is to go dog remnant learns needlework to live over there her elder sister. 4 elder sister do not know 3 elder sister where to go to. Original come to an agreement or understanding take me to play together, nevertheless, time of toilet went up before I go out, she two did not wait for me, foregone. Foregone..
5 girl are eating the appetizing quail that bake at the same time, at the same time say.
“Fortunately 4 elder sister do not have 3 elder sister wait for me, otherwise, I still cannot be caught up with today eat this delicious. I still cannot be caught up with today eat this delicious..
What 5 girl eat is very .

fast, how to spit bone almost, chew chew a few, give get down abdomen the meat in the mouth in, this is the competence that feeds practice to come out is grabbed on Home Laojiang dining table.
“Hey! Very delicious really! When spending the New Year than we, on the stew of the desk is sweet still. On the stew of the desk is sweet still..
The one face that little girl has is intoxicated appearance, precious woman also cannot help a small flesh was ripped to come down above wherefrom, put chewing in the mouth eat.
“What guest? “What guest??
The guest of fund family name? Is be not being become hard bearer of a married woman’s parents’ home?
This young married woman is answered to be hurrieded back on a married woman’s parents’ home, waited for 78 talents to come back, who don’t have to receive, who don’t have to send more, it is oneself come back.
Later, precious woman knows a few facts one wishes to hide from the mouth of 5 girl.
Fund family name that a married woman’s parents’ home is a strange flower really, still think her woman family still is formerly a bit humane, can take the time that her stretch stays in on 78 days.
Which know, from the complaint sound below illicit of fund family name, just know, pressing a root so is not her want so return a responsibility, person of person a married woman’s parents’ home can stay her to live on 78 days, it is to .

look to go up in the portion of busy season completely.
Those a few days are worth the season of earthnut of every family rush in the harvest, allegedly, the cropland of a married woman’s parents’ home of fund family name mu than old Jiang Jiaduo several mus, and she a few elder brother’s wife, that is a contest lazy, so, as it happens takes the advantage of this opportunity to take fund family name over there made when labor.
Waiting for busy season to end, the sisters-in-law of that money home a few, drove outside with respect to a person of busy incessantly.
Fortunately, about is to know him a married woman’s parents’ home does not rely on chart, fund family name answered Jiang Jiahou, it is still very long period of time, also do not stir up trouble, clutch needle is ambitious of what.
“Either, I do not know that person. Not be the person of my grandmother home. ” the foot that 5 girl ripped a quail, hand precious woman, “Precious girl elder sister, you eat this. You eat this..
A small quail, just two fine thin leg, but also be the flesh on this leg most, 5 girl vacated however half, precious woman is some somes of accident.
This little girl film, at the moment resembles be being answered then not at all ‘ look be like,eat life ‘ manner.
“I do not eat, you eat. ” precious woman was not received, “Do not become be our village hard? “Do not become be our village hard??
At a loose end does not have a thing, pull bit of claver Lao Lao with respect to blurt out.
“Not be our village. Should be outside the person of the village. I listen to 3 elder sister to say, seeming is what woman matchmaker. ” 5 girl are mixed a few times so that also calculate with precious girl recently ripe, often can get some small 0 mouths are filled fill stomach, so, this word is much also rise.
“Woman matchmaker? Oh — “
Big house 5 girls, the biggest that