The day that may be this generation must error too drab, precious woman also had the idea of a few small the Eight Diagrams, pulling 5 girl to want to experience a feeling that listens to a corner.
Do not think however, two talents just stepped into courtyard door, see east the door of house was opened come.
Fund family name is getting 339 years old, the mother-in-law of impersonative a suit wine child, went from inside.
Precious woman was looked at of purpose, did not see from the face of fund family name what comes it seems that, the face does not have expression like. Look does not give this marriage to conclude or do not have concluded distinction at least.
It is that mother-in-law behind her child, of a suit wear red Dai H.

ua, oily pink pink is worn a piece of face, appearance is being extended, do not see hint of 2 minutes of anxious.
“Woman. ” 5 girl cried.
Precious woman also made acoustical call accordingly, “Uncle woman. “Uncle woman..
It doesn’t matter of fund family name reacts, that mother-in-law child the view that thinks together is cast, inclined the eye asked money the family name, “Are these two also your girl? How old? How old??
Precious woman does not like her very much that share is naked, the interest inside the sees a person eyes of brazenly, cap-a-pie saw them two make a round trip, press a root with respect to unlike it is to see a person like, resembling is to look at a thing like.
“Left is me this the home is old 5, small still move, crossed year of ability to go up toward 7 years old. Right is not us this in house, it is me in domestic second house, the birthday that just was over 10 years old too, go up toward 11 years old grew. Go up toward 11 years old grew..
“Rural girl does not know rule, also be shy with strangers. This is the stone woman matchmaker that the town comes up, don’t you know twice to call a person how? Don’t you know twice to call a person how??
“Stone mother-in-law. ” in view of courtesy, precious woman takes the lead in starting to tal.

k made acoustical call, the one clique between features experts greatly square.
“Ouch. The girl of your home grows Dou Tingjiao is smally however. My look is worn this girl voice is quite loud still, bravery big also, resemble be peasant family girl making a group not quite. 11 years old, just was born so dot stature, also hold out action person rare. Also hold out action person rare..
“This girl is foolish bold. ” fund family name ‘ self-abasement ‘ answered to, “Do not look at her this meeting child look at resembling is normal, can be foolish previously 10 years. This brain lacks a muscle, compare a little bit general person courage is great of course. Compare a little bit general person courage is great of course..
“Oh? Still have this thing? ” the nature that apparent the Eight Diagrams is a woman, still be the woman of a matchmaking mother-in-law what is more,the rather that more.
Stone woman matchmaker came at a draught the idea of corkscrew.
“Today time is not early, I still must hurried back go fizzling out government office answer, when coming back to send happy letter to you below, we sits again well Lao Lao. We sits again well Lao Lao..
Fund family name pulled a laugh of corners of the mouth, “Into, you first busy one’s proper business. My this first class your answer. My this first class your answer..
“Go all right. I had known you the idea here, about side of that ceremony money, I am striven for with you as far as possible again strive for, should not be what important matter presumably. After all family yellow your home also is not that wicket small family, buying an a few silver also is not how old tickler. Buying an a few silver also is not how old tickler..
Fund family name listened this word, the ability between features shows a few minutes of satisfaction, sending stone woman matchmaker to courtyard doorway all the way.
“The key views the bureaucrat there, to you this person full meaning. To you this person full meaning..
“There is what full idea? My home Jin Feng also is a with every detail vividly described, also not be the person that grows so that go back on one’s word then. I know this marriage can be become, must not the key still rely on your inter to get together? Must not the key still rely on your inter to get together??
Fund family name laughed a few minutes adulatory, “Stone woman matchmaker, you are at ease. Wanted this thing to be become really, I affirm this little not your hard cash. I affirm this little not your hard cash..
“Went, have you this word, I expend old biddy more some of idea, say this marriage to you. Also be helped sb to fulfill his wishes between us a lot!
Did not send, the good letter that waits for me in the home. The good letter that waits for me in the home..
Go far to the form of that woman matchmaker all the time, fund family name ability circumgyrate body, entered directly east house, also do not have accost 5 girl go in, seem complete this elder sister two regarded as like air.
At night, precious woman sits on kang, cannot help following the Eight Diagrams of cattail family name.
“Woman, do you know uncle woman gave eldest sister act as a matchmaker? Do you know uncle woman gave eldest sister act as a matchmaker??
“Do not know. This returns a responsibility? ” apparent, the information of cattail family name is not as timely as oneself girl still, “Nevertheless, consider age, your eldest sister also should say a someone. Your eldest sister also should say a someone..
Precious woman sees the kind that her woman is utterly ignorant that pair, receive the mouth originally in ‘ saying what someone, do you know not? ‘ , also asked not to come out.
“I see today a woman matchmaker comes to we. When coming back, as it happens was met by chance. I am listening to the mea.

ning in word of that woman matchmaker how, the marriage of our eldest sister, seeming is to give the family that said a town to go up, and quite rich still. And quite rich still..
This is the place that feels very eccentric in her heart, anyway she is right of this ancient time marry prices does not understand very, do not become this time hard, already popular Cinderella is married the ethos of rich and powerful family.
Nevertheless, think carefully, also unlikely ah.
She Jin Feng of that big cousin Jiang, tell by conscience, cast extraction what, that also can calculate only going up is appearance flatly, ability appearance more not outstanding, the sth used to one’s own advantage that also takes rich and powerful family very quickly without that.
“That is impossible! With respect to we what circumstance, get jingle thoroughly, the marriage respecting that how that town goes up comes we? ” cattail family name also believes not quite apparently.
“Do you listen to fork? Your eldest sister this condition, can say a peasant family on the village at most, marvelous home within compares we to be able to go up more 29 mus of land are good! Marvelous home within compares we to be able to go up more 29 mus of land are good!!
“I also so becoming aware. But I listen today really.
It is with that woman matchmaker with respect to uncle woman in we courtyard say, I am listening with 5 girl. Return respecting what ceremony of Qian Buli money, seeming is requirement of our uncle woman that other people buys ceremony money much upgrade. Seeming is requirement of our uncle woman that other people buys ceremony money much upgrade..
One face identifies precious woman true say, till at the moment, she dare be sure this marriage says, appearing better odd.
“Still have this thing really? Tomorrow the woman looks for an opportunity to ask you uncle woman. ” on face of cattail family name much also gave dichotomy discreet.
“Hum, it is clear that you must ask the woman. I am big