“This word says the woman but incorrect, female child home this marry but all one’s life important matter, must well choose choose just goes. By do not say, at least on this bearing, must justifiable. Must justifiable..
Husband and wife of fund family name still does not have utter sth, cattail family name is to start to talk first however say.
“Always cannot because age became old, make at random kissed. Make at random kissed..
“Her uncle woman, after all, jin Feng is head of our Home Laojiang a female child. Though the condition of our oneself is some poorer, but, can not get vaguely on the thing of this marry.
The day comes out too with the person, of what of other family circumstances is second, the key is a find person with disposition. ” those message that cattail family name misses to personal girl shows a yesterday each fully, took these say for the word.
“These with respect to not need her 2 aunt worried about. The girl of myself, of course what I should kiss a woman this worry about. Nevertheless, saying also is me life of domestic Jin Feng is good, although marriage of thereinbefore it doesn’t matter says to come, this not, fierce not fourth come to, it is a good other people that wants to be less than. It is a good other people that wants to be less than..
Apparent, cattail family name a sincerity, was become completely asinine liver lung.
Link Zhao, by so straight for nothing choke sound, have bit of look not quite good-looking.
Build only went up the word accent of fund family name, “Oh? Saying what someone? Which village be not being become hard is is rich door does the home won’t do? How many mus of land is there in the home? A few does the house have? A few does the house have??
“Woman, should be a village only is rich door, the life of we Jin Feng, which talk to go up is the life good ah? Peasant family, again many mus of cropland, still the dig in earth is not fed, all one’s life work hard life. ” fund family name has some of self-satisfied look quite.
“Want you so say, becoming your home Jin Feng hard is to go, to what who does rich home.

wife to won’t do? ” the empty bubble increment that Zhao has big daughter-in-law of some of not to be exposed to to boast then.
“Hey. My home Jin Feng has the lot that does rich wife then namely. Come this time to come to act as a matchmaker, still be the large family other people on our town really. Still be the large family other people on our town really..
When fund family name says this word, that eyebrow eye is to should carry simply to Fang Liang th.

e top went up.
Nevertheless, she these two words are to give big guy really, will a few minutes shake really. Stopped with respect to the old man that connect Jiang chopstick, looked toward her face.
“Is what you say true? ” the mood inner tube of Zhao some of doubt.
“Not be true how. Yesterday the gate that woman matchmaker enters, woman you are not to also be in the home, just can do not have the face before you to say this marriage then. I want to call you together consultative coming, you are not to say to there still is handicraft work to want to do in house, did not come over. ” double eye of goggle at of fund family name, the voice carried dichotomy apparently.
“Which other people on the town? How many what betrothal gifts gives? ” Jiang old man is god-given left to answer a mouth on dining table.
Ask apparently however not be crucial.
Precious woman steals the had next cattail family names clothes arm that feel, do not let mouth of her at the moment enquire.
Jiang old fogey can not be the good strength of Zhao, cattail family name wants disposition to be stupefied continuously really rise, toward his choke two sound, still did not get bar to go up.
This daughter-in-law hit the fame of grandpa mother-in-law, after all not quite Orphean.
Said again, this meeting child of incident inside in of what, it what return is not clear to what return, do not make on the issue for big house is strong odd. Anyway, with respect to fund family name that mitzvah, also won’t of feel grateful.
“Press down the home of yellow large family that attend. Hear smooth homestead of that other people has several to be in village. Still have better a business shop, not only have on the town, have even the town. Have even the town..
Fund family name also is to do not have a bit understanding to that other people actually, taking yesterday only the information that stone woman matchmaker gives her fully, this meeting speaks out Jiang old man they know.
Jiang old man is frowsty head, do not have utter a word temporarily, also do not know the word that is pair of fund family names to believe not quite, what be still other reason.
“Was opposite. Hear that is yellow large family, next door us the Yang Jiacun of the village, also a few mus cropland land rent is planted to cottier. Also a few mus cropland land rent is planted to cottier..
This ability raises Jiang old man the head comes, earnest state had a few minutes in the eye.
“Jin Fengniang, did this marriage say to allow? ” Jiang old man is god-given look look oneself big daughter-in-law.
“Haw. What says to allow not to say to allow? Since has had woman matchmaker to come to come, this marriage became most basically. Yesterday of stone woman matchmaker had passed, wait for the answer there. ” fund family name some are dodging to reply.
The word falls, see oneself are fair the eyes that dad faces up to him, have the manner that closes greatly, hasten again filled sentence, “Bag bank note made to me before stone woman matchmaker goes, surely gives to we this marriage say. To moment, my home Jin Feng is the life of riches and honour that iron plate hammer nails. My home Jin Feng is the life of riches and honour that iron plate hammer nails..
“Hum. The betrothal gifts that how many silver made give money? Our home is raised big a girl is not easy, also cannot too cheapened. ” Jiang old man nods, ask.
“Haw. . . . . . Specific betrothal gifts fund, had not talked good. ” fund family name is biting chopstick needle, utterance dodged an instant, “Actually of what betrothal gifts, I was not valued so. Want Jin Feng to marry only go in large family other people, can enjoy a happy life, must be our in the future still worn does her aid won’t do? Must be our in the future still worn does her aid won’t do??
Jiang old man is done not have again utter a word, buried a head to drink congee to have a meal then.
Precious woman of arise suddenly, to the person of this one old table, upsurged a lot of midriff should.
This one everybody child person, each is the dear one of hematic arteries and veins with own of or by the wife, it is so cool however thin. Facing Jin Feng’s marriage, do not have real intention of one person the real situation unexpectedly care a just a little.
Jiang old fogey regards of lineal descent as own grandfather, what did he care?
To this meeting, also did not ask about useful, honest.
“The large family with which yellow surname? Be those who make that family who? Follow our daughter become related by marriage, the person that is discipline of many good year? Her woman, yesterday how to listen to you to had spoken of with me. Yesterday how to listen to you to had spoken of with me..
Fortunately, one everybody child person, still have what carry thoroughly individually.
Jiang old also is the marriage that hears her girl first today, so, the mouth is much