Breakfast, part on bad terms. . . . . .
Precious woman looks at Jiang old man to carrying both hands on the back, pace walks out of the form of central room, kind of inarticulate flavor is in wind is dizzy medicinal powder.
“Went, little younger sister. Grass of cuddle of the hill on us goes. ” Jiang Xiaozhuang takes bamboo small basket, crying in the courtyard with respect to the station.
relatively at oneself a lot of deep feeling of little younger sister is in mind, jiang Xiaozhuang is these a few complete however do not have a heart to do not have lung.
It is half big boy, what can you know? Still be the marriage of the cousin that lay between house what is more,the rather that more, this brother 3, more not much be put on the heart.
Sundry in the room, this meets cattail family name pulling oneself man conversation.
Be worth the season of slack season now, in the ground not much handicraft work, jiang second is planning two days this much rub a few careless ropes, when having hill of a few skies chops bavin, bind that firewood to pile child with.
“Good year, you are fastened first busy these are trashy. Enter time of town today, go asking to ask about the thing of home of that yellow large family on the town.
I see our father what this thing decides is a little brash, which have the marriage of girl home home, bad to asked nosily, knock with respect to a few words of igneous burn burn decide. Knock with respect to a few words of igneous burn burn decide..
Jiang second paused one’s financial condition at the moment work, look at him daughter-in-law say, “Want me to go into town sure. But want me to that what yellow large family ask about? Do I ask how? Do I ask how??
“Also do not have a name to was not surnamed, do not know the family status of that other people, toward where to leave? Toward where to leave??
Anxious of cattail family name Shuang Mei, really, today the information that fund family name gives out is too little, say what yellow large family.
Be known according to her, be like the other people with the yellow surname on the town, more than also 29, which a knot in one’s heart large family is to know this is yellow?
Said again, they all the time the nest is inside this a remote, to pressing down the affair that attend, still be clear about not quite really.
Also do not know, fund family name that young married woman, oneself have known detailed place, complete still moustache blew the one ask for a favor with that what woman matchmaker to say.
Again dark scolded fund family name muddleheaded, connect from the marriage of the girl, ask basket in general, do not have careful interest.
“Or, you go looking for eldest brother to ask again. Some things we am bad to ask eldest brother’s wife, he becomes a man this, bad still to asked? Said again, this kisses the marriage of the girl, how can so is whole worn come? ” cattail family name shows bit of violent scene to come.
“Anyway, I always am becoming aware the what marriage of this Jin Feng, those who say is a little black move. Those who say is a little black move..
Poplar the second shows a few minutes to embarrass, “Still calculated, you did not see, a moment ago on dining table, our dad gives choke eldest brother, not dare utter a word? We still does not do a thing to him again! We still does not do a thing to him again!!
“His heart within suffers from eldest brother. “His heart within suffers from eldest brother..
Twitch one’s mouth of cattail family name, some are deprecatory, “Does what make do not do a thing to him? It is him himself originally the important matter in house, he himself an undeserved heart, return an enmity others. Return an enmity others..
“Is suffering there is what not bitter? Did not give birth to a son to come out namely? As to?
Is the girl of one’s own? I look still is him himself a not quite good energy of life, oneself kiss the marriage of the girl to go up, unspeakable word, by lord child so stick up, dare not put with respect to fart. Dare not put with respect to fart..
What this word says cattail family name is some really ‘ standing to talk not the waist aches ‘ meaning, herself a few sons not anxious, deep-felt also of course be not experienced, big house the distress of that house.
Do not pass, the prattle after her also does not have missay however, this thing is last-minute, still be Jiang him old is enraged not quite forcedly.
Jiang second is done not have dare utter a word, only silent look at oneself daughter-in-law of one face distain the eyes.
Do not think cattail family name or abrupt are p.

revented not as good as however, turned spearhead a direction.
“Good year, if change your body,you say this thing, are you rectified how? Are you rectified how??
” also by lord child one cry out, not dare utter a word, shrank neck. Shrank neck..
Jiang second at once, “Won’t won’t! ” .
Though he is ferial of tongue of li of stupid mouth clumsy, not very can speak, but also be to be able to see hint given with the eyes a few minutes.
“Not be me do younger member of a family carry put in order. Today your dad can be really, some are ritzy overdid. Again look do not go up granddaughter, bad of it may not be a bad idea is this marriage important matter, even if is the be able to pass on face, total also this careful question question? Is there him so handle affairs? Is there him so handle affairs??
“Oneself pay no attention to, still do not agree a few does people ask more? A few meanings is this? See door of the other side only big, no matter other how? no matter other how??
“How to also think. True if good marriage, can annulus must get on we? Can annulus must get on we??
Cattail family name all along the sentence is stiff, especially this meeting is before oneself man, be cloak .

of it doesn’t matter more.
Jiang second is close head, dare not receive this word stubble.
Finally, still entered time of town below the assign of cattail family name. “No matter say how, jin Feng is good, it is the family member below an eave, we also cannot obvious knows to there is feline dirt on this marriage, do not ask however. Do not ask however..
Jiang second is held out occasionally rare him daughter-in-law, what cold heart of this share face heats up is strong, still know general interest.
Towards evening, jiang second is a few to follow precious woman sibling almost, the courtyard door that around foot takes.
“Dad, woman. Have good thing today. Have good thing today..
Sibling enters a room a few times, guard a gate to .

be shut from inside.
Jiang Dazhuang in the bamboo small basket from cuddle grass, carry give a canister that defeat tile to come.
Immediately, inside the house whiff 4 excessive.
Full the wild chicken broth of one young pitcher, place two to Jiang second husband and wife before.
“Dad, woman, take the advantage of heat quickly to drink. I just was felt, return on this jar lukewarm wear. ” precious woman still wants to look for bowl chopsticks ladle originally, the eyes was searched a long time, in the room that overlooks this to sleep however, where can have the fellow thing that have a meal.
“Calculated, bad also to go out to take a bowl to take ladle. Father mother, you with respect to one person readily, holding jar in the arms to drink. Holding jar in the arms to drink..
Cattail family name has some of be left speechless with wonder or fear, “Can be you also pounded really of beat? Return how can