“Woman, you so drink a way? Can savor flavour of this chicken broth? Can savor flavour of this chicken broth?.

Actually, precious woman was not surprise different c.

attail family name of such bold and unconstrained drink a way, because, before this, she already experience passes 3 times.
Jiang Dazhuang those a few goods, follow oneself simply old woman be exactly the same.
Cattail family name is bungled be bungled lip, priggish, “Hum, taste is good still. Taste is good still..
“Was opposite, today you go into town, make visit to what message not? ” cattail family name hands Jiang second the chicken broth that remain at the same time, start to talk at the same time ask.
“Did not carry. I turn on the town ground a long time, also did not hear the news with useful what. ” Jiang second had received made of baked clay canister, did not drink however, place on kang.
“Yellow large family is surnamed on the town, have however. Seem to call Huang Damao, oppidan calls the member that fizzle out outside, the appearance that is some asset resembles in the home. Have in the city better a shop, also have in the country better a homestead. Also have in the country better a homestead..
Little auditive wirh fixed attention is listening since precious woman vertical stroke, this meeting just knows, oneself are old dad today the appearance of a suit prostitution, it is to go into town so go investigating explore case.
“Yellow large family? Is be not being become hard that family that gives eldest sister act as a matchmaker? Such looking, is we eldest sister to should be married really go into other people of riches and honour? ” of Jiang Xiaozhuang grinning inserted one mouth, say.
Cattail family name became white oneself this lacks heart like young son one, but also did not say what, estimation is a habit.
It is Jiang second received a sentence, say, “What. I asked one time designedly. Did not hear that yellow lord home wants to do what happy event! Did not hear that yellow lord home wants to do what happy event!!
“The home outside the member that fizzle out two sons, get married married son’s wife, gave birth to even the child. Gave birth to even the child..
“Where is concubinage? Dad, you ask, who does their you home have to want concubinage what? Who does their you home have to want concubinage what??
Precious woman early in the morning was not becoming aware other people of that large family marries wife, can find this kind of poor gully come in channel, unless. . . . . .
“I also am considering this issue, had asked. Did not hear of that yellow lord home, who wants concubinage to coming. ” Jiang second speed up a pair of thick eyebrow, say.
“Nevertheless, the old woman that I seek that you home to see back door child ask. Hear their you home seems to want to buy girl what of late however. Hear their you home seems to want to buy girl what of late however..
“That is opposite go up! The marriage of this what nonsense, be after all from where to appear come? ” cattail family name also has some feel do not wear brains.
“Didn’t you go to other ground ask? Besides that one yellow large family, do not have other other people. That woman matchmaker one ask for a favor, still do not blow at random. Perhaps, the yellow large family in her mouth, be a small family other people in the city. Be a small family other people in the city..
“Asked, the surname on the town is yellow, in every case has bit of head face, I ask.
Still have home of a poor scholar, the surname is yellow, the age of 559, also did not hear of in the home have those who want what of get married get married.
Additional, still have open fruit to spread, the surname is yellow, it is a 20 boys that come forward, the family also has daughter-in-law to have child. The family also has daughter-in-law to have child..
This with respect to accept frowsty, is be not being become hard a fraud?
“This won’t the eastern side of t.

hat house, be dash against cheater came this? ” say of cattail family name.
“Calculated, father mother, you two also fasten anxious to wear piece of face. Should be a cheater really, has not she fooled the person in one’s hand? Wait for next answering when that woman matchmaker comes again, you also go to the woman feel try to find out the real intention, bright bright your piercing eye. ” precious woman also wants to be illogical.
“With respect to our woman of so fierce type, what of demons and ghosts, arrive before you, still do not get show one’s true figures. Still do not get show one’s true figures..
Little girl 29, the cattail family name that says becomes very happy, lost that worried look temporarily.
Da, cattail family name is worn with respect to cuddle precious woman kissed, “Still be my girl little ingratiating in speech, the woman has you, with respect to what not anxious. With respect to what not anxious..
“Good, big strong dad, you also not anxious is worn a face, these days I am waiting in the home, if that woman matchmaker still comes, I appointed interrogate to be clear about.
When moment says again. When moment says again..
“Drank this chicken broth quickly, reckon is worn want cool. Reckon is worn want cool..
“Be. Dad, you are drunk rapidly. There still are two big drumsticks inside soup, it is I give from mouth of 3 elder brother grab those who come over. ” on the body that precious woman leans in cattail family name, the say of grinning.
“Little younger sister, what of your talk rubbish. It is I am hated to part with obviously eat, stay technically to eat to father mother, say in your mouth how in that way. ” Jiang Xiaozhuang reacts this time however rapid.
“Well — , who is knowing, today stretch ate a chicken to coming. Two chicken stew gross ability into Shang Li, little half, don’t you return shout to wear what did not eat satisfy a craving? Don’t you return shout to wear what did not eat satisfy a craving??
Precious woman made a mask used as a toy toward him, take word damage intentionally his say.
“This word says little younger sister but not empty. Should talk we who can eat most, blame belong to small strong cannot. This two drumstick, still really we are seized from your mouth together. ” Jiang Erzhuang also echoes sb accordingly.
Air strike is rousing Jiang Xiaozhuang, “Travel. You close partner will take me to tease child. Little younger sister, it is good that I also do not follow you again! Hum. . . . . . ..
A few intended buffoonery laugh at sibling be troubled by, heated up the atmosphere belt in this house however a bit.
A few minutes of embarrassed look were taken on Jiang second face only, quite a while, ability consider is worn mouth say, “Big strong, this chicken broth as form of a address for an official or rich man to you they send the past.
“Should be the portion from me in the province comes down. “Should be the portion from me in the province comes down..
Jiang second thinks, look at precious woman again a few say, “You if who did not eat enough, eat with respect to go off with. Eat with respect to go off with..
A few children do not have utter a word, look at cattail family name not to talk.
Jiang second also gaze him daughter-in-law, “We has two 3 years to do not have get over chicken broth. You a form of a address for an official or rich man their age became old, those who resemble barbecue what, their the age of a draught animal as shown by its teeth also is no good, estimation also is chewed not sodden, we was not carried.
As it happens of this chicken broth, good gram is changed, can fill again body. Can fill again body..
Leather of have sth in mind of slouch of cattail family name, did not take crop, but complexion already not quite good-looking.
So, at the moment, one house