Jiang second close lightly close lightly lips, also dare go not quite him look the complexion of daughter-in-law, have some of faltering say, “We looks for an out nobody when, quiet is felt send the past not have to. Quiet is felt send the past not have to..
This meaning, send with respect to dispute cannot.
This about still is head bout, precious woman is seeing the one side with her so obstinate dad.
The manner with the very austere imposing manner in house, big strong a few face about that have hint given with the eyes very much go to brother, each play each finger.
Only precious woman is battling from bravery is fat, secretly look is worn her woman, a pair of eyes are staring at goggle at Jiang second, quite a while did not see utter a word.
“Jiang Danian, I ask you again. I ask you again..
Of unexpected, the river in imagining east lion growl appears, the lung-power of cattail family name was reduced instead come down, covering tightly frowzily organ, “This chicken broth are .

you after all drink or do not drink? “This chicken broth are you after all drink or do not drink??
“Ah? ” Jiang second also has some of be surprised other probably, was stupefied.
“Into. You are not drunk is. ” cattail family name also no longer Suo, end has that soup pitcher, turned a body, inside the took house corner closestool of a head.
“Jiang second, you want filial father mother, can. I am not barring, go by yourself’s skill.
This grouse soup is a few child effort lane by oneself, bring back designedly filial our. Your otherwise is willing to accept this the portion is filial, that calculated! That calculated!!
The person of one house, so the behavior that looks at abrupt of cattail family name to be prevented not as good as, also calculate must not become angry. After all what armed strength did not make is not, but honest however look foolish eye.
“Some people, seem to love to do not have a thing like whole thing. Well quiet time does not pass, must offend claver giving a point to come, is the ability that gallinaceous flying dog jumps at ease either? I am be afraid of the person that attracts a trouble! I am be afraid of the person that attracts a trouble!!
The word falls, cattail family name is worn with respect to accost her girl went out, “Precious girl, go with the woman the kitchen cooks. Go with the woman the kitchen cooks..
Leave the man of one house, jiang second complexion is a little bad to look, sit silently over, did not come out even dinner to eat.
Arrive all the time in night extinguish the lamp when, this husband and wife still follows whose utter a word twice without who.
In succession two days, also do not talk. . . . . .
Precious woman has some of headaching door that scratch a head, this case had not been experienced, should solve how coming.
“Eldest brother, 2 elder brother, 3 elder brother, do you say our dad follows our woman is this formal battle how? Won’t all the time so noisy go down. Won’t all the time so noisy go down..
“Be at ease, won’t, do not exceed 3 days at most. Our mother did not live with respect to hold back! ” the say that Jiang Xiaozhuang pays no attention to completely.
“Little younger sister, you are being looked at, arrive at most tomorrow, if our dad refuses to obey again soft, the woman also can think method lets him take soft. The woman also can think method lets him take soft..
As expected, still do not have when the sun tomorrow rises again, with respect to the night that day in, precious woman sibling went up a few times kang, hold tight of cattail family name is worn the clothes collar of oneself man, the backyard that goes Home Laojiang went.
About also the time with respect to a tea. Next, farewell house when. . . . . .
“Daughter-in-law, the word that you say is reasonable also, I ought not to consider not considerate. Light is wanting to want mother of give presents father, disregard this give presents to be able to draw on what kind of trouble and dispute however.
“Hum. . . . . . ..
“Daughter-in-law, still have, your word is right. I think mother of give presents father, should mix by oneself skill effort, ought not to take children off-the-peg. Ought not to take children off-the-peg..
“Hum. . . . . . ..
“Haw — , still have, daughter-in-law, my brain a muscle, think the thing thinks slow, ought not to straighten with you so much day. Ought not to straighten with you so much day..
“Hum. Went, sleep rapidly. Sleep rapidly..
Precious woman is closing an eye, listening to this husband and wife two dialog, the imagination is less than a moment ago this husband and wife goes out twice, be to solve a problem how?
Just, apparent, today cattail family name is taught to the thought of Jiang second, very successful.
Worried small, loosened at a draught, this one night, precious woman sleeps is solidly.
The following day, getting up is a cloudy day.
“Do not go today on hill, this day says to forbid to want to rain. ” cattail family name exhorted to.
Precious woman also did not object, always go up these days anyway hill, she also lets in fresh air those who put became enough, just the idle of this Leng Buding is in the home, really unaccustomed still.
Jiang Xiaozhuang those a few, sneak away early so that did not have a shadow.
Cattail family name brushed boiler bowl, by Zhao assign, go to beautiful home of village head cole sending an egg.
Their home just fell to be born, new student a boy, home Laojiang and their home have the contact on this favor, also reach so portion ceremony, zhao let take 6 eggs.
When eating breakfast, precious woman still hears Zhao sending complaint, “Cauliflower her woman, this gave birth to 5 male Ding Le. More do not carry them a 2 rooms of that house, size also has two male child. We this egg, bout catchs bout send, really short big hair. Really short big hair..
Rural custom, give birth to the boy, just meet somebody comes to go give sb a present, give birth to female child, do not have with respect to what.
So, so calculate, home Laojiang altogether just accepted newborn gift 3 times, and cauliflower their home, closed 7 times however. Can not be to had a deficit to be sent greatly really.
This word says, let a few days this all showing the fund family name of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument, put down a face at a draught.
“Woman, otherwise today I accompany you to ask. How this woman m.

atchmaker did not have a letter two days this. How this woman matchmaker did not have a letter two days this..
Heart of heart of fund family name reads aloud read aloud remembering with concern money of that betrothal gifts, naturally attack by surprise does not live agog.
The most important is, fund family name is thinking the word of elder brother’s wife of him a married woman’s parents’ home, she can point to this silver, go giving birth to a son.
Wait for her to be delivered of a son, again also need not low head was an upright person.

ately, this God resembles is those who know her is anxious like, also did not wait for she and Zhao to go into town, this stone woman matchmaker searchs come to come.
This time, zhao did not catch up with again time like undeserved return a responsibility, reached the person please directly hall