Fund family name so say, groups big the eyes, cast was in on Jiang Jinfeng’s body.
It is the appearance that makes her old is uneasy.
Hanging down partly a head, also dare not see the eyes of other people, the knows shame pattern of swiftly, take arm to blocking a face, ran out.
The clothing of uneducated person cloth of the blue of a suit indigo that seems to go up personally then, had worn several months, above patch folds a patch, precious woman remembers dimly, since she came to Home Laojiang, a many month, also did not see change had washed.
“Of the four seasons of golden phoenix annual, also do not have a suit change wash clothes. This dress still takes me in those days dotal clothes changes come down. This wore several years, do not say that patch what first, that arm sees light short.
Can be this worn how go out to see a person? More is nevering mention it to look? ” fund family name pretends the say of one face anxious.
“Dad, you look to should give her noodle of body of buy a suit, pulling person photograph to see ability again is correct principle. Pulling person photograph to see ability again is correct principle..
Jiang old man does not have utter a sound or word.
“Stone woman matchmaker also said, family yellow home is a large family other people, want to climb this marriage, but more than we one. There is the daughter of better individual home on the town, also be in contend for this quota of people. Also be in contend for this quota of people..
Cattail family name couldn’t help asking sound, “Said a long time, her uncle woman, you make clear Hunan this Huang Jia, which a knot in one’s heart be after all? Which a knot in one’s heart be after all??
“2 younger brother and sister, I am in with our dad our woman is consultative the marriage of my girl. You insert a what mouth! ” the say with fund a little enigmatic family name.
“Since you asked,do not pass, I tell you, also just as well. What makes which a knot in one’s heart, this is yellow but large family is pressed down go up, nobody do not know nobody not the big door of dawn. Family stone woman matchmaker said, home of yellow large family, in the home vassal group, out homestead countless, it is the home of the riches and honour of the count as one of the best on the town. It is the home of the riches and honour of the count as one of the best on the town..
A few words say, want choke the dead namely simply the sort of.
“Uncle woman, my woman wants to ask namely, you ask to be clear about, with that other people of marry of our eldest sister, where to stay in? She also is afraid, cheater of your dash against came. The woman matchmaker of this year pretend to be, cheat marriage deceive people of what, also not be to do not have. ” precious woman couldn’t help asking to.
The word falls, jiang old man also was like what think of somewhat to carry the head comes, as if the look that had filar suspicion.
Cannot think of, fund family name follows at a draught stamp one’s foot like the tiger scamper rise, “I know your woman two did not install good intention, it is the eye is looking at me the daughter should have writtened guarantee kissed, take a word to curse us. Take a word to curse us..
Turn around again later family name following Zhao, say, “Woman, you are experienced and knowledgeable, is that stone woman matchmaker you also know? The family is the famous big woman matchmaker in the city is coming really, became in your mouth how cheat close cheater. Became in your mouth how cheat close cheater..
Jiang old man viewed him old partner.
“That stone woman matchmaker I know really, last year, flourishing that girl, not be by her pull wires, pull what marry goes in the city? Pull what marry goes in the city??
The word falls, jiang old man buried a head to have a meal again, fund family name still enrages the bag increment of bosomy strike one pair however.
“Said again, yellow large family is then famous have a last name, government office is in curtilage city on the west dog on the ave. Stone woman matchmaker said, city on the west what live one piece that is person of riches and honour, and home of yellow large family, it is that inside the richest. It is that inside the richest..
Fund family name has the say of some of nostril day day.
This meets precious woman also do not consider plan the aggressive appearance that she boasts that pair, had turned the head saw eye cattail family name, at the moment, how oneself are old the woman is complete not utter a word, make the thoughtful appearance of one face however.
“Since the other people is so rich, blame doing what arrives marry comes here. Do not say, be matched for marriage, there is likely target in the city. There is likely target in the city..
Cattail family name is old not utter a word, precious woman was obliged to start to talk for her.
“You a little girl film, know a wind? ” eyes of fund family name begins to dodge, “Calculated, these things, also not be you little girl should ask. I also for not worthwhile and you. I a.

lso for not worthwhile and you..
Of course, it is clear to also do not plan to be explained with others.
The word falls, turned rapidly thread of discourse, continued to be opposite say of Jiang old man, “Dad, the fork that this made a long time, within an inch of gives important thing forgot. Within an inch of gives important thing forgot..
“You look to give me a few money, let me pull new cloth of on a few feet, make body new clothing to Jin Feng. Make body new clothing to Jin Feng..
Jiang old man raised eye leather to see her, not immediately.

, the thinking state that became a little while only.
“If be worn because of this really disgraceful, fizzled out this marriage to agitate, that also is not Jin Feng the loss of one person, but we am old Home .

Jiang Jiayi child big loss of the person. ” this meeting holds out fund family name clever, know to hold master child care about a dot.
As expected, differ she says again, jiang old man raised a head to bade Zhao, “Take 50 money to old daughter-in-law, go into town to her go pulling cloth to make clothing. Go into town to her go pulling cloth to make clothing..
Such, got master child if, fund family name follows took a make a fuss about a casual remark dropped by one’s superior like.
Rice bowl one put down, what thing without giving thought to, originally today should she washs a bowl to brush boiler, she does not receive even the chopstick however.
“Woman, take money quickly to me. I am answered rapidly go wanting in house, what should buy to spend the cloth of type to Jin Feng, the clothes that decides a what form gift is nice. The clothes that decides a what form gift is nice..
Precious woman true not to be exposed to she as person of low position this pair appearance, more returning is to have pity on this meeting to covering tightly first, conscientiously is in the Jiang Jinfeng of to clear the table.
This one everybody child person, everybody understands in the heart, the marriage of this what nonsense, have inside too much say not clear thing, do not have one person to check explore odd for her sincerely however.
“Eldest sister, did you know the thing of own marry? Don’t you have what idea? ” precious woman is furtive in stealthily asked her.
Jiang Jinfeng is complete however the expression with one muddled face, nod first, shake his head again, then is frowsty head, close lightly is worn lips, half word does not have some appearance.
Precious woman eye is looking at her that pair ‘ of complete outsider ‘ appearance, very much one is plant ‘ the emperor is not urgent eunuch is urgent ‘ idea.